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Record no. 3  
by  :   Barbie
from  :   New York
at  :   Fri 16th March 2007 / 07:37:18 hrs (GMT)
Hey guys!!!!!!! I found ur hotel. Im tryin to come back to greek, crete in july. EMAIL ME!!!!!!
Record no. 2  
by  :   Viki
from  :   Belgium
at  :   Tue 5th July 2005 / 10:33:59 hrs (GMT)
We had the time of our lives during our stay in Oasis hotel!
Sarah,kelly,Vicki,katrien and viki
Record no. 1  
by  :   Geert & Sonia van den Broeck-Vermaelen
from  :   Heist-op-den-berg
at  :   Mon 27th June 2005 / 18:47:38 hrs (GMT)
We had a great vacation.Very friendly service at the hotel.
See you next year or sooner if possible.We love Crete and hotel Oasis.Thanks for everything.

Geert & Sonia

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